Project Harmony and School

Project Harmony was first established in Armenia in the fall of 2000 to implement two US State Department technology grants. While Project Harmony in Armenia has gained a reputation for its work bringing technology into the secondary education systems, from our early days Project Harmony in Armenia has stayed true to the PH mission in community involvement and empowerment. Strating from 2001 the Internet computer center of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri is being financed by Project Harmony in Armenia.

In virtue of Project Harmony the school was the first one in Gyumri to have a radio modem, that's why Internet became faster, more productive and safer. The students of the school know the rules of using Internet and they can find the information they need with the help of Internet. They even find the short stories for their graduation presentations. There are organized classes in our school which include students of our school and neighboring schools, teachers, community memebers. All the students attend to the classes with pleasure.

All of the Armenia School Connectivity Programs have similar, fundamental components beyond hardware and Internet connection. These include extensive training of site staff at school-based Internet Computer Centers and free training for all students and teachers of the host school, as well as neighboring schools. Project Harmony provides seminars, conferences, and trainings for school representatives and community members on the integration of technology into education, the sustainability of centers, and the creation of Armenian-language resources, such as websites linked to the Republic of Armenia civics curriculum. In addition to ongoing virtual exchange opportunities, the programs incorporate physical exchange components with strong follow on activities that provide forums for professional exchange among Armenian and American educators.

Students of the school have participated and still participate in the competitions organized by Project Harmony, such as cards for New Year and for the day of the teachers. They also take part in online forums.