Educational process

The curriculum of the Academic High School of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri is maintained by the professional departments of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri. The curriculum satisfies the requirements of the high schools and it intends to develop the abilities of students learning in different departments of the school. The high qualification of the teachers supports it. Most of the teachers are candidates of sciences and they also teach in the Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri.

In the department of the humanities students are studying English, Russian, French, History, English and Armenian Literature.

In the department of Natural Sciences students are getting good knowledge of biology, chemistry, geography. Many of the students studying in this department enter the Medical University in Armenia. Students from this department have the permission to enter the Pedagogical Institute in Gyumti by an interview.

The students studying in the department of Economics have a chance to study thoroughly Mathematics, Armenian, Armenian Literature, Economics.

In the department of Physics and Mathematics students take Physics, Mathematics, Natural sciences. They often take part in Olympiads from Physics and Matehamtics. The students of this department can enter the Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri by an interview. They take the entrance examinations and they always become leading students in the universities of Armenia.

The educational process of the students became more progressive with the laboratorial materials for Chemistry and Physics. Students also get educated with the help of videotapes and CDs. The classes are often presented to the students with the help of projector.

The educational process in the school is organized according to the standards of Ministry of Education and Science. Appropriate subjects are added to the list by taking account of the preference of the students.

The computer center which is saturated with modern technique is at the student’s disposal. The computer center helps the students, satisfies all their demands, disposes Internet which is free of charge.