School History

The Academic High School of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri was established in 1990. During the opening of the school there was present the head of National Academy of Science in Armenia Viktor Hambarghumyan, who supported to establish the school in Gyumri.

In the beginning the school was operating as adjoining high school to the National Academy of Science in Armenia. The school had 3 departments: Economics and Management, Natural Sciences, the humanities.

The department of Economics and Management was closed in 1993. The school was operating in the cottages during this time. A while ago the school moved to the cottages belonging to the Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri. The school was renamed in 1997 and since then it was called Academic High School of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri. There are 4 departments in the school now: the humanities, Natural Sciences, Economics, Physics and Mathematics.

The Academic High School of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri had been operating in the cottages for 15 years. The school is in the leading list of schools in Armenia and it is the progressive one in the region of Shirak.

When the school was opened there was studying 138 students in 6 grades.
There were 14 grades with more than 200 students from 1997 to 2001.
Because of the school conditions the number of the students decreased in 2003: 10 grades with 165 students.

In 2004 the Academic High School of Pedagogical Institute in Gyumri began the new educational year in a newly built subsidiary building. There are 11 grades with 200 students now.

During 15 years of its existence the school has gained many grants, there is available a rich material and technical foundation, laboratories of Physics and Chemistry, a modern computer center.

Qualified teachers, experienced and creative teachers, candidates of sciences are working in this school. These teachers have educated many intelligent and clever people.

The creative work of magnanimous teachers has obtained good results. Many students have finished the school with medal of excellence. The majority of the students are taking part in the regional and republican Olympiads and they never return empty-handed. The student of our school was the first one in Armenia who gained a prize during the International Olympiad from Physics. A bronze medalist of International Olympiad from Mathematics is a representative of this school.